The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Trading

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

Aug 03


The debate between the advantages and disadvantages of online trading is one, which has its fair share of believers and critics alike. Whichever side you believe there is no doubt about the fact that online trading has revolutionized the manner in which business is done.

Let us take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of online trading.


  • The role of the broker is greatly reduced and an investor can buy and sell without the assistance or need of a broker. Before online trading made an appearance, investors would need to meet or call the broker to fulfill any of their trading needs.

With the ability to view the investment opportunities in the market in real time, you would not require getting in direct contact with the broker for trading.

  • Reducing the involvement of a broker in your trading can also help to reduce costs.
  • Investors are able to trade at their convenience anytime they wish. Online trading also makes it simple to open an account and manage it. Investors can have far more control in online trading compared to conventional trading.
  • It is possible to view and monitor the investments in real time. This helps an investor to review all the various options themselves instead of being dependent on the broker for this information.


  • The risk factor can be slightly high for inexperienced traders due to lesser broker input.

  • Since there is a greater dependence on technology, online trading is more susceptible to mechanical failures or any software issues. These glitches could prove disastrous as simple interfaces make it easy to trade and make mistakes too.

  • Conventional trading involved the use of phones while online trading depends on the Internet. Connectivity issues such as slow connections can turn out to be a major problem.

  • Systems may also be prone to failures or malicious attacks and this can result in a compromise on safety.


There are various websites, which offer tools for online trading which are user-friendly and can be a great learning resource for beginners.

Some companies also offer trading software, which claims to help you achieve a high level of accuracy in trading. One such company called HB Swiss was in the midst of a controversy regarding the authenticity and legitimacy of their claims.

While there are certain cons of online trading, its pros far outweigh them. They offer unmatched convenience and are versatile enough for a range of investors to use. They are relatively safe, quick and efficient. Due to all these reasons, online trading seems to grow and develop at a faster pace than ever before.

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