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Jan 05

How To Choose The Perfect CFD Trading Platform

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

The simplicity and the profitability surrounding the CFD trading practice have encouraged many traders, both the experienced and the newbies to earnestly venture this trading practice. But, the above-said advantages can be met appropriately only when you choose the right trading platform that can make your trading ways not only simpler but also prosperous. But if you are new to this trading practice then, the task of finding the perfect platform can be intimidating, which can be very-well eliminated if you follow the below-mentioned 4 important suggestions while choosing that perfect system for your perfect trading ways!

  • The choice of financial instruments

You might be interested in choosing the currencies or the commodities or even the stocks as your CFD trading instruments, which can be perfectly accomplished only when you choose such a platform that includes your preferred asset as one among their choices of CFD tradeable instruments. Therefore, before choosing a platform for experiencing your trading ambitions, understand their choice of assets and accordingly make an informed decision.


  • The technological features

The technology has empowered this trading practice by offering a number of features like market predictions, trend analysis, chart-based predictions and so on that can making you trading practices not only straightforward but also prosperous. Even better if you can follow the services offered by the automated CFD trading robots like the QProfit System that makes your trading practice absolutely trouble-free and in every way profitable!


  • The customer service

A glitch, no matter a technical one or a financial one is always bound to occur, which can never be a botheration on your successful trading ways only if the platform you choose comes with an ever-available customer support service that is also friendly and as well as capable. Having a reliable customer support service urges you to trade more confidently, without worrying about any setbacks and system failures and therefore, do consider this significant suggestion before choosing that significant CFD trading platform to fulfill your respective trading ambitions.


  • Fees

If you prefer offsetting your losses or maximizing your profits then, go for that platform that charges reasonable amount as the fee. This basis of this fee might differ according to the policies adopted by the different platforms like commission-based fee, spread-based fee or the both, each having their own advantages and disadvantages, which you have to consider before concluding the one for you!


Also, always read their fine print to discover any hidden charges or fees that might come in the way of your profitable results.

Dec 29

Pros and Cons of Profit Targets

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

See this to know the benefits of trading using profit targets. However, there are some not so good points about trading with a profit target.


  • When you place a stop loss and a profit on the trade then you know the risk: reward ratio. This is known before you even place the trade. You can then decide whether you want to take the trade or not.
  • The profit target is based on data and logical reasoning and what the trader sees on the charts.
  • When a profit target is placed as soon as one enters the trade, it helps to keep emotions aside. There is no scope for any guesswork and the trader uses his analysis to decide what could be a good profit level
  • If the profit level gets reached then the trader would have capitalized a good amount of gain.


  • The profit should be placed not on mere guesswork. It should not be placed randomly. Too much hope can let the trader place the profit target very far away. Fear can push him to place the target very close to the entry level.
  • Placing the profit target requires a lot of skill. There can be a condition where the price may move closer to the target price but not touch it and then reverse the course and hit the stop loss instead. This is especially true if the profit is placed at a huge distance. If this happens regularly then you may be losing out on most of your trades even after the analysis being right.
  • The profit target does not let you take the benefit of the full So once you are out of the trade you cannot benefit if the price tends to move further up.
  • Every trade should have an exit price. Entering the trade is the easy part, what is difficult is to determine where to get out of the trade. This is what will determine whether the trade would be profitable or a loss-making


Ways by which the trader may determine the target level

The target should be placed such that the risk to reward is met. The stop loss is as important as setting the target level. The stop loss will determine what the loss of the trade is and the profit level will determine what the profit on the trade is. The reward should always be higher than the risk of every trade.

It is impossible to determine beforehand which trade will be a success and which one a loss. Thus if the reward: risk ratio is taken care of then there is a high probability that with more number of trades the trading account may be in a positive.


Dec 22

The Importance of Following Proper Risk to Reward Ratio

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

Read any trading book and there will be a lot of emphasis on following proper risk and reward on each trade. What does this mean and why is this important? Continue reading to know why proper risk: reward management is what will ultimately let you be profitable as a trader.

It is not just important to get the trade right. It is also important how much you make a trade. As a thumb rule, the risk on each trade should be half of the reward on that particular trade. The reward could, however, be higher but the reward should never be equal or less than the risk.

Why is it important

Following proper risk and reward on each trade are crucial because not all trades will be successful for you. Even the professionals have losing trades. If you keep a risk: reward ratio of 1:2, this means that on every trade you risk only half the money but win double. This is important because this is what will eventually let you be profitable

Suppose you take 100 trades and are profitable in 70 of them. This means that your account should be in positive. This, however, does not stand true all the time. If you have a risk: reward ratio of 1:1 or higher, then you will be losing more from the losing trades and making less money on the winning trades. This will eventually make your losses more than the winners and your account will be in a net loss.

How to calculate risk: reward ratio?

The risk is nothing but the stop loss on each trade. The reward is the profit target on each trade. You need to subtract the purchase price form the stop loss price and take the absolute value. This is your risk. You then have to subtract the target price form the purchase price and take its absolute value. This is the reward on the trade. Now divide the reward by the risk. This should be 2 or higher.

What if the trade does not meet the risk: reward ratio criteria?

There will be cases where the trade may not meet the risk: reward ratio. In these trades, the risk would be higher than the reward. You definitely cannot lower the stop loss price because then you are not leaving room for the price to move and thus there are high chances of your trades to get stopped out because of the volatility. Thus adjusting the stop loss price is not an option. You cannot increase the target price too because the target is the next resistance level and that is fixed.

In such cases, all that you do is overlook the trade and look for another opportunity that meets the risk: reward criteria.

Dec 15


By Jessica Barnes | Posts

Fintech LTD is a binary options automated trading robot that has been created by Daniel Roberts and his team. They put in years of hard work along with their in-depth knowledge and experience in business data analysis to come up with this system that is near perfection.

The current system is through its Alpha testing phase and is now in its Beta testing phase, and so it is now available to common people without any actual cost or fees charged. Read the Fintech LTD review and get more information.

All about Fintech LTD

This is a binary options trading system that is designed by using complicated codes and various sophisticated algorithms. The aim is to offer common people an uncomplicated, legitimate and reliable platform, where they can safely invest their money and get rich returns.

For this, they have taken special efforts and made the interface user-friendly. So that beginner also can find it easy to navigate and use the system.

The system is designed to perfection, such the system makes some accurate market predictions regarding the trends of the market. On the basis of this information, the system further functions in auto-pilot mode and executes deals on your behalf. This is done after scanning the market and probing for deals that seem lucrative.

The success rate of this system is so high that it assures an income of approximately $875 on an hourly basis.

This is possible without the user taking minimal efforts. The system functions despite the user not being online, so the user can very well have a job and still continue to invest and earn profits with Fintech LTD. It also is not essential that the user know all the details of the binary options trading world.

How to register with Fintech LTD?

The procedure is very simple. The system is based on the internet, so there is no need for downloading anything.

You only must visit their website and get yourself registered for free. This requires your best information and no fees at all. The next step involves being redirected to one of Fintech LTD’s trusted broker’s page. You then have to make a customary deposit of about $250.

After having completed that, your account gets approved and ready to trade in no time.

Is Fintech LTD a scam?

The system is anything but a scam, in fact, is 100% legitimate and reliable. There were no red flags or suspicious activities in the system. The system is transparent for the world to see. Also, many satisfied users have also written some heartfelt testimonials that reinforce your trust in Fintech LTD.

Dec 08

Trading Blindly Can Only Lead To Losses

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

The successful traders who use the robotic trading software like QProfit System put in huge amounts of effort to create and maintain the program. The actual work is actually to maintain the software to cater to the changes that keep happening in the market. It is impossible to even believe that one can sit and relax and make money using the software. This may work for some time but you cannot expect to have consistent returns for a lifetime. There can be many events in the market that may be unexpected and this will require a lot of intervention by the creator of the software.

When a trader buys robotic trading software or opens an account with a free one, it is required that he has the expertise to know how to intervene and make changes in the algorithm. Also, care needs to be taken since you do not want to make changes to the software when it is actually making money for you. This could be of more harm and may even drain out your account in a few minutes.

Strategies need to be changed

The traders have to engage and fine-tune their strategies from time to time. It is not likely that you can just buy the robotic software and sit and relax. Trading using the robotic trading software is not all that easy and like trading manually you will have to monitor the trades continuously to make profits in the market.

Emotions still come to play

Trading using robots lets you keep emotions aside. This is something that most traders believe in. However, this is not completely true. The program does not trade based on emotions but the trader who is running the program and whose money is being put on the market has emotions. People tend to intervene when they see that the program is making losses for them. They feel tempted to change even if there is nothing very wrong with the algorithm. This will bring in emotions that get into automated trading as well and in turn lead to losses. There are also cases where the trader will get into the program and book profits even though the target is far away. All these would eventually destroy the real purpose of using an auto trading software.

The robotic trading software is very rarely autopilot and it takes lots of trading knowledge to maintain them. The psychological skills are still essential even though not a lot.

Dec 01

How Is Fintech LTD Different From Other Binary Trading Software?

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

When you talk about low risk and high profits, you usually expect a system that has large claims initially and insufficient returns by the end of a trading session. Most binary options software are designed to lure new investors into the trap of investing a large sum of money and losing much more than they had initially invested. You might have heard of the Fintech LTD scam that is doing the rounds recently and has surely imagined the same about it. However, the fact is this software was designed to help traders trade in binary options with minimal risk and greater trading opportunities.

About The Fintech Limited System

The software was designed by an experienced trader who had set out to ensure that even beginners can trade in binary options without having the least idea about the technicalities. With the help of this software, traders can predict the trend of binary options and also find out new ways of getting bigger returns on their initial investment.

What Are The Other Benefits?

With the software in place, traders can analyze market conditions and know the next step beforehand. If you plan to use the software in the auto-pilot mode, the software itself will do this work for you even when you are not logged in. You will also learn secret and effective strategies that can convert a few dollars into a thousand dollars and more.

What Are Users Saying?

What is incredible about this system is the fact that it has a high-performance rate. The system was tested exclusively before being released in the market and the bets testing made it even more popular way before its release. Users report complete satisfaction with the system and the support team. Most users come back to the system to avail the benefits of a brilliant and effective customer care team that is always out there to help.

Is It A Scam?

It is a common thing for rivals to cook half-baked stories around a system that is doing well in the market. When Fintech Limited started acquiring more clients, a rumor of it being a scam spread like wildfire. It is practically impossible for the system to be a scam. You are signing up for a system to watch professional level trading. You get to see the wins, losses and the trades in real time. The system does not have miscellaneous costs or charges. One does not need more reason to believe in its authenticity.

Nov 24

Profit at quantum Speeds

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

People associate Binary as a term with mathematics. But it is significant everywhere. Nature uses it in almost everything. You win some and you lose some, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So, binary as a phenomenon exists everywhere. In trading parlance, binary option trading has existed for a long time and now there are many online trading systems that use this style. Even otherwise the computer technology itself is created on the basis of a binary language.

Businessman Working Dashboard Strategy Research Concept

So, here is a trading system that uses this technology to create a winning formula in the trading world. It is called the Quantum Code. This is named thus as it really works using the latest technology and works at quantum speeds. If you read its full review, you will be amazed by the kind of returns it gets for the users.

Joining it is fairly easy. Register and pay and start trading. What really happens is that people join it and the leave everything to the system. The robot follows the trends and places bets. But what people do not realize is that the robots are not supposed to work in complete autonomy. These are machines and do not realize the effects of many events that are occurring in the world. So it is important that you set the parameters for trading.

The machine should be set according to your financial level of comfort and the kind of risks that you are ready to take. So, the stop loss amount should be decided by you.  The program is a great combination of computer technology and big data analysis. You must set limits in the system to ensure that you invest gradually and slowly and ensure that the bets are placed evenly. You can set the parameters for every trade, for example, if you want to bet a certain amount of money in a day or a certain number of trades in a day. This will ensure that the automatic trading system works well to bring in more profits for you while minimizing the losses.

The automated trading system works untiringly to collect data, analyse it and come up with trends. These trends cannot even be detected by common people trading online as only robotic systems can perform all the functions at such speeds. The amazing part is the amount of returns is always in favour of investors. Even seasoned brokers and experienced traders cannot boast of such results.

Be cautious while registering for trading that you are on the right website. Once you start trading, you will be amazed by the success rate of this program.

Nov 17

QProfit System Profit without Risk

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

This is a great development by a famous, well established and experienced binary trader. The main aim of developing this software was to take advantage of his experience in the stock market along with the latest technological advances in the field of artificial intelligence.

It is the basic desire of humans to want more money. Some of us are intelligent enough to use their skills and earn more money. But most people are scared to venture out into the trading world. In fact, we may remain unhappy and unsatisfied in our present jobs but are scared to take risks. People, who are able to take risks, may lose some bets and win some, but at least they tried.

What is a QProfit system?

Now here is a software platform that guarantees a profit for the bets placed by you, at 95% success rate. The designer of QProfit System has used revolutionary software, that makes superfast calculations and places bets in the stock market. This system can earn up to $2000 dollars every day for you. The system or the software is completely free for the users who register on the website. So how do you want to know more about this?

This is Forex trading software that is similar to Binary options trading and uses an automated trading system. It is supposedly created by a wizard of the stock market. He was ably helped by a software developer friend. What these two have created is very different from the other software trading systems. The most important aspect is that people have really made money using this system, so we can trust the developers and promoters of the scheme not to scam us.

Who can use it?

This system is created in such a way that it can be used by anyone, be that a novice in the stock market or a seasoned trader. The software system uses a fantastic speed to collect data, analyze it to compare and come up with recommendations. If you have chosen the automatic system of trading, the system will place the bets on your behalf. As we have already mentioned that its rate of success is almost 95%. This is amazing as the most experienced traders make more mistakes than this.

It is easy to use

Apart from all the mechanics, you need to understand your role in the system. Read more about QProfit System to understand its full potential. All you need to do is to fill a registration form on the website. This needs some basic information like name, email id, address etc. and then you pay a fee of 250$ for registration. And that is it. A broker will be allotted to you who will guide you through every step. You can make money using this software and withdraw when you need.

Go slow, invest small amounts and when you are convinced about it completely, and then increase your investment slowly.

Nov 10

Resistance – Find The Exit Price Of Your Trade

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

The Q Profit System review is important to check before you start trading in the market using the automated trading software. These algorithms are formed using candle stick patterns which studies the history of the asset and then determines the entry, exit and the stop loss price of the asset.


A very important part of the algorithm and technical analysis is the support and resistance levels. These help to identify the purchase and the target price of the asset that you want to trade in. These are the price points on the technical analysis chart and this is where there is maximum buying or selling on the asset. The support is the price where the buying power of the asset is the maximum. The resistance is the level where the sellers are the maximum.


Resistance is a very important price point on the technical chart. This is where the sellers are more than the buyers and where the price of the asset is likely to fall. This is where the supply is the maximum and it is always important that the resistance price is above the current price of the market.


At the resistance point it is very likely that the price will consolidate and absorb the supply and then decline in price. Resistance is considered to be a major technical analysis tool and this is what the traders look for when the market is rising. This is where the traders get a trigger to sell the asset.


When there is resistance then it means that the supply is excessive and this builds the pressure to sell. When there is pressure to sell then it will drag the price of the asset lower. This is why when a trader has brought an asset in the market he looks at the resistance levels to check where he should exit the trade.


In case you want to short sell in the market then the resistance is the point where you decide to place a sell order in the market.


The binary trading software identifies the resistance for you and then places the exit on the trade at that price point. It is important to know that there may be many resistance levels in the chart and the algorithm identifies the level that is the strongest.


Identifying the resistance levels takes a lot of expertise and thus the creators of the software have designed the software in such a manner that it finds out the resistance level with the highest probability.




Nov 03

How has technology has transformed the way we do business

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

A significant if not the most important factor for a rapidly changing economic scenario world over is FinTech or the financial services technology. Nowadays it is extremely simple to spend, invest and manage your money from the comfort of your own space – your home, on your way to work or even on a holiday in a remote corner of the globe.

Today’s consumers are confidently moving to digital spending and investments necessitating the whole industry to transform itself and adopt new technologies. It is AI all the way henceforth.

What are the new trends in the financial sector?

  1. Physical Banks are losing their sheen

Due to the increase in online banking and more recently mobile banking, physical banks number has seen a steady decline over the last decade. It is not just online banking that is taking away customers but also other players in the market who allow you to procure loans, invest, save and even lend money without stepping out of your homes. Technology has improved so much that you can even trade with automated trading bots like the Q Profit System.  You can read more about Q Profit System to know how technology can help even layman trade confidently and even make profit.

  1. Emergence of blockchain

The blockchain technology is the reason for the emergence of bitcoin as a powerful digital currency. This technology allows you to safely and securely deal in any kind of goods – money, ideas, royalty fees, real estate, investments etc.  It removes the middlemen of yore while providing better online security.

  1. Encouraging a new financial outlook

With the advent of mobile banking, the life of the common man has become far simpler and less stressful. There is no more a rush to the bank to deposit a paycheck or repay a mortgage loan. You can now do it from your mobile phone at your convenience and from anywhere you are. This kind of freedom encourages people to actively participate in their finances and seek opportunities to invest and borrow with ease. Furthermore, the ability to see your finances at a glance aids them to lead a healthy financial life.

  1. Physical Currency bye bye

If you have invested in bitcoin then you must know that it is a digital currency that is not specific to any nation. With more and more transactions possible with digital currency the need for actual physical currency is diminished. And even for those without bitcoin, the plastic card has revolutionized the way we shop.

Thus, we see that there are interesting times ahead not just for the consumer but also for the industry with blockchain set to making way into the mainstream marketplace.

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