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Jun 19

How to profit from Cryptocurrency

By Jessica Barnes | Blogging

Planning and execution are both relative terms when it comes to trading, the management lessons took come handy while entering the cryptocurrency markets, as blindly going by the site claims and investing heavily would mean losing out the entire investment without a sign of getting it back. Being extremely high on the risk element one has to

  • decide on how short or long will the investment be on ,including the time frame one has planned to stay invested
  • the amount of risk exposure, as a favorable trade can just double up the money, or lose the entire amount to the system
  • the type of currencies which one wants to deal in, as for the beginning it is always better to concentrate on one coin, than investing in different solo currencies,

Considering all the above points, the trader has to keep in mind that the amount can be a sustainable loss if occurred, is a bearable loss or the maximum one can stand to lose to an unambiguous digital space. The profits, on the other hand, could be very high if the market is favorable, hence only money which can be disposable or rich high net worth individuals who can allocate around 10 % of their wealth can foray in to these markets in different cryptocurrencies for spreading the risk on evenly and, the rest of the investments could be parked in safer deposits, bonds, treasuries.

One can even be on the safer zone to invest in cryptocurrency by:

  • investing in more than one cryptocurrency as the risk is spread and the loss in trading in one currency may be offset by a good profit in trading with the other
  • put the stop loss to limit the maximum risk one can take while trading in the markets or choose brokers who provide the guarantee the stop loss which is provided by brokers for a small fee or commission by the added feature in the Bitcoin Loophole platform

Trading or investing is again an important decision before one forays in to the crypto markets, as a trader will want to make instant profits in the day trading and exit out with the profits net of the commission paid to the broker, which for a short duration ranging from a few hours in a day, or just for few days, in case of investors who want to stay for longer period of time can invest in various cryptocurrencies which work based on automated trading robots.


Jun 08

Financial inclusion and its importance

By Jessica Barnes | Blogging

Today we have an enormous wave towards forex trading and its need for the development of business or making easy money. Though this is a very important note in the economic well-being of an economy, there is also one another subject that requires utmost importance in terms of economic empowerment in the markets. This is yet another crucial necessity to many weaker sections. Without much suspense, let us see what that topic which needs immediate remedies.

Financial inclusion is that something which needs a lot of focus in the current hour. When this is made possible it becomes easier for popularising online trading even to the weaker sections who are in need of financial upliftment in all ways. Therefore the Ethereum code Ltd has started taking measures to reach out to these low-level areas for making them aware of online trading and its importance today.

What is financial Inclusion?

The capability of getting financial services without any criteria like income levels, education levels or any such criteria which hinders the weaker sections from owning a personal account with financial institutions. This is a hot topic which has been dealt by the government a few years ago and some measures have been taken up to rectify the issues related with these.

Hence there were many campaigns which were led to help rural people open free bank accounts and maintain their earnings in those. Also, they were made aware of what is really meant by savings and how it would benefit their future.

The importance of financial inclusion

Thus by being a part of receiving financial services people benefit in many ways such as:

  • Make day to day transactions like receiving and sending money to near and dear ones.
  • Plan and pay for recurring expenses like study fees or family functions or any future requirements
  • Start a positive savings habit and keep their money safe without any unauthorized
  • Make use of money at any immediate occurrence of events
  • Can begin to make investments in assets for their small-scale businesses and help in their growth.
  • Get to know about different types of savings accounts for the better financial performance of their money.
  • Manage cash by themselves and become very independent
  • Overall welfare guarantee by the knowledge of such institutions.
  • Capable to help peer group and motivate them.
  • Get aware of other online activities with due course of time.

Thus it is the right time to know and educate the unaware class about the benefits of such opportunities.



Jun 04

Trading The Precious Metal – Silver

By Jessica Barnes | Blogging

Silver is a precious metal like gold. It is used in companies as well to make jewelry. There are a number of applications of gold in the industry and for the manufacture of consumer goods.

Silver is also used in thermal conductors and electrical equipment’s and this finds a lot of use in the electrical industry. Silver is used in medicines and is also used as a substitute for gold because it is less expensive than gold.

Supply and demand

Silver is majorly produced in Mexico, Australia, Chile, Peru, and China. China is today one of the major silver producers.

Silver also finds a lot of use in investment and because of its volatile nature, many traders prefer to trade in silver. Major players look at the demand and supply level of this metal to trade in them. The demand and supply are what creates the price movements in the metal.

Silver uses

The silver prices are affected by the economy as silver finds a lot of uses in industries. When the economy is strong the demand for silver increases and this leads to its price going up. It is also more volatile than gold.

Gold and silver are found in infinite quantity on the earth and thus they are always in demand. These could become more expensive in the future and this is because the natural sources are depleting. Its demand, however, will also increase.

The supply of the precious metals is not dependent on how much gets mined from the earth. This is because gold and silver can be reused. The scrap metal impacts the market and this causes the supply and demand shift even more than what impacts the mining of the metal.


Gold and silver are used by countries for production as well as export and these are imported by the big customers. The metals are used in the industries as well as for hedging against inflation. You need to consider the scrap value too when you trade in this metal because that impacts the demand and supply of the precious metals which in turn impacts the price of the precious metals.

If you are a technical trader then read the long-term chart of the metal to get an idea about the trend of the metal. Take time and go through the chart to understand the dominant trend and then trade with the trend. Watch the price levels and look for the major demand levels on the higher time frame charts to trade the metal. Is it a safe option to trade silver? Yes, it is.


May 24

 The Mesmerising Trading Field

By Jessica Barnes | Blogging

It is nice to be a part of the trading field. It is not necessary that you have to be here just to make money for it is not just this that is granted by the market but also ample knowledge and understanding a person would get which is possible nowhere else. This is a good experience to know and learn about the market through the major and primary aim and intention of any trader are to make some extra money here through his trades. This is a field that is completely submerged in money and if you are lucky you will also be one among the lucky lots to have earnings every day. Though we say this, it might not be a possibility always for this market is ruled by both losses and profits. Yes, these two things happen in a sequence and it is a general rule and belief that every loss would be followed by a profit and vice-versa. Yes, and it has happened also in many cases.

Come with the basic understanding

Now, this is something important for all traders and they have to get this fact deep in their minds and hearts for this would help them have their plays here without a disappointment. The ones who neglect this truth or fact are the ones who would find it very hard to digest the losses and most of them, out of dejection quit the field and try to be away from it. Is this the mistake of the market or the trader? Profits and losses here are complementary and they cannot happen without the other following them. So a trader who has got this point right is the one who has understood the basic logic and principle of trading and he would be the one who would be able to be here for a long time earning at the same time getting some knowledge too.

Now though we get to learn about this in the trade journals and book, it is probably a practical experience that would help the traders in understanding this better and the best. A personal touch`s impact is always better and bigger than just the words that explain the same. So do not just stop with the knowledge that you get to learn from the books and recommendations; try taking the field personally with guts; try to approach the field with systems like the crypto CFD trader is a trading software for they give a better trading experience.

May 17

Blockchain technology in video games

By Jessica Barnes | Blogging

Understanding cryptocurrency may be easier for avid videos gamers because the in-game currency is also a virtual currency; almost all games have their own form of currency to buy diamonds, special powers, accessories, and costumes.  In the game, currency is created by the game developer and it has no value in the real world, unlike cryptocurrencies.

There are several hacks in video games to get those diamonds and other special powers but that is not the case with the cryptos which are encrypted and have special algorithms which prevent duplication. Unlike the several cases of fraud in the gaming world, cryptocurrency transactions are all legitimate because they are all recorded in the blockchain – a technology on which cryptocurrency is based on.

To overcome the fraud in video games and also to reduce the gap between the game victories and real-life benefits, video game companies are looking towards blockchain technology for solutions.

How can blockchain help game developers?

The intrinsic nature of blockchain technology can be used by game developers to reduce the gap between the game economy and the real world.

  1. Cryptocurrencies are digital by nature which means it is easy to integrate them into the gamins system without having to go through arduous financial procedures. Furthermore, most of the main cryptos are not limited by any application or platform.
  2. There will be a reduction of frauds when blockchain technology is used because it doesn’t allow replication of transaction while it records every transaction.

If blockchain based tokens do become a reality than video gaming will not remain a mere hobby but will become a lucrative means of finance for the successful players; they can actually love what they do and earn some steady income while doing it.


The chasm between in-game currencies and cryptocurrency is very deep and but for a very basic similarity, they do not share anything in common. Having said that, with the growing relevance of cryptos in all fields, it is a matter of time before cryptocurrencies are used in the gaming world and users reap the benefits in the real world. But at present, the challenge is to reach a solution that is widely accepted and easy to adopt by all games.

But till such time if you wish to increase your cryptocurrency balance download CryptoCFD Trader, a trading robot which is regularly used by investors to buy and sell cryptocurrencies all over the globe.


May 06

The crypto code is one program that has caught my fancy for its legitness

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

I have always been a skeptic:

Even before the scams started to surface and presumably every other software was a scammer trying to trap gullible traders and giving them a ride for their money, I was sure that there is definitely more to it than what met the eyes.

The sugar-coated words and the urgency that they create for you to sign up with them immediately were downright fishy. I would feel like it’s a trap readied for someone to only walk in. and I was right.

Was I shooting in the dark?

At one point I felt that maybe I should set my prejudices aside and think with an open mind. I wanted to be among those who know about it from doing and not just overhear it from someone or learn from somebody else’s experiences.

So, I researched and I set aside three trading software that was too unrealistic in their promises!

One of them was Crypto Code developed by Derrick Simmons. I tried and tested all the three of them simultaneously. The first two were actually scammers and no sooner had I linked my bank account then I was so sure I had landed in a soup.

For purpose of the study, let’s call them Software 1 and Software 2.

Software 1 was only instructed to withdraw $250 from my bank account but what it did was appalling. It withdrew $350 and don’t ask me how; because I myself have no clue! No sooner had it withdrawn the cash I began losing the money faster than a thunderbolt. In less than one and half hours I was exactly at the point that I had started out at; “Zilch”!
Software 2 debited only $250 and I am so thankful to the lord for that. But it assigned me an unregistered offshore broker whom I had no idea about. The broker was not licensed either. Similarly, but this time only it lasted longer. In about 6 hours that I took my nocturnal rest, my balance had come back to nil.

What did Crypto Code do?

I am glad that one of the software was this one. My Crypto Code review talks about this in detail how this wonderfully legit software helped me to more than makeup for the losses that I bore on the other two scums. Not only that, it also helped me make an additional profit of $500 in a period of three weeks. The broker assigned to me by the software was licensed as well. I cannot even tell you how surprised I was. But I was not complaining (winks**)

Apr 24

Understand The 3 Most Powerful Cryptocurrencies

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

Indisputably, cryptocurrency is the financial future of the world, which means it is the right time now to start investing in them to make sure that your financial future is only brighter. But, not every cryptocurrency is rewarding, at least, when it comes to that long-term investment process of making your financial future the solid and therefore, it is necessary to discover the most important ones to secure your future thoroughly. Undeniably, the 3 most powerful cryptocurrencies that can transform your financial future for the better are the Bitcoins, Ethereum and, the Litecoins, which most of the cryptocurrency experts would agree!

Thankfully, trading them isn’t any difficult, due to the powerful technology! Yes, Crypto CFD Trader is a trading software that can automatically trade these cryptocurrencies to only offer you the much-desired profits and therefore, without further having to worry about the trading ways, let us discover the significance of these cryptocurrencies to better appreciate their worthiness!

  • Bitcoins

The journey of cryptocurrencies started well with that of the Bitcoin, which is not only a cryptocurrency but also a reliable payment system that overcomes the drawbacks of hacking, centralization, and cheating! This is a decentralized payment system developed using the powerful blockchain technology and therefore, it shan’t be easily tampered by the miscreants, thankfully! Not only the transaction is quicker but also cost-efficient when compared to the conventional ways, as the transactional charges included are meager! As of April 2018, it’s market value stands at approximately 6950 USD, which means it is one of the expensive cryptocurrencies to deal/trade with!

  • Ethereum

Although Ethereum is a cryptocurrency, it is more of a technology and therefore, its benefits are wider. Ethereum is an open-source technology used by the companies to build sophisticated programs that can even allow the transaction of shares and storing of files on the cloud storage service. To access this Ethereum technology, you need its own currency called the Ether, whose value stands at an impressive $390 approximately, as of April 2018! The experts believe that the Ethereum can offer tough competition to the ‘Big Daddy’ Bitcoins, due to its varied benefits, undoubtedly!

  • Litecoins

The value of Litecoin is only $120 approximately, as of Aril 2018 but that doesn’t make it any lesser to the Bitcoins or even the Ethereum! Introduced with the idea of being the ‘silver’ to Bitcoin’s gold, this cryptocurrency can carry out quicker transactions compared to the Bitcoins for a much affordable rate. Also, it can handle larger volumes of transactions when compared to the Bitcoins and therefore, the attention of the world of merchants is slowly moving towards this growing cryptocurrency known as the Litecoins, assuredly!

Apr 17

The ABCs Of CFD Trading

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

CFD is the short form of Contract for Difference. The concept behind this kind of trading is to make profits from the varying prices of an asset without owning the asset itself. The term itself signifies its methodology. It is the difference between the price of an asset from the time the trader enters the trade till the time he ends the transactions.

The role of a broker

The broker plays an important role in this type of trading. He offers margins to the traders so that the value of the underlying asset can be further speculated upon. These are opportunities for the trader as well as the broker to make profits from. However, initially, every trader who enters the transaction seems to suffer a loss because the broker invariably has a profitable spread. The profit happens when the price of the asset rises to the level where the cost paid earlier is recovered.

What are the benefits of CFD trading?

Traders these days are giving more preference to cryptocurrency CFD trading. Why do you think this is happening? Here are some of the reasons.

Most traders are apprehensive about trading with cryptocurrency because of the technical aspect of it all. While some traders are afraid of exposing wallets, some others are wary of revealing their identities on these exchanges. CFD traders, on the other hand, are always ready to make newbies feel comfortable about setting up accounts. Even those clients, who already have a CFD broker and are dealing with other products, are inclined towards trying this type of trading. It makes them comfortable because at the end of the day it is all about benefitting from the price differences. Typical examples of cryptocurrency CFD trading would be stock trading or gold trading.

In CFD trading, the client is actually neither buying nor selling any cryptocurrency. Therefore, it is rather easy for him to adapt to market changes. The transaction at the broker’s end is also managed as swiftly as possible. However, with cryptocurrency, the transaction tends to be stuck for days and hours and it becomes almost impossible for the trader to gain anything from changes in the market.

These are the primary reasons behind the preference of clients towards cryptocurrency CFD trading. One such Forex trading system, known as the Crypto CFD Trader, is doing the rounds in the market and the reviews are quite positive. If you are interested to know more, this website can tell you all about the product and how to sign up to avail its services.

Apr 10

The Importance Of Diversification In Trading

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

Appreciating the diversity is important, that has been once again reinstated by the significant field of trading, very clearly! If you are wondering what diversity has got to do with the trading then, understand, it has got to do a number of things, most importantly with respect to your significant benefit of profitability. Indeed, one of the best ways to enhance your benefits in whatever trading practice you follow is by pursuing the idea of diversification, which you are here to discover in detail.

Diversification and its purpose

In the world of finance, the diversification is the process of investing in more than one asset in the desire to earn more profits. That is by investing in more than one asset, you are actually diluting your risks that might automatically favor your profitable situation. To simply put, in the industry of finance, the diversification is synonymous with security, as your risks are diluted which can diminish your loss-incurring situations, if not nullify completely!

For example, understand you have only invested in oil-related stocks! If the relevant companies gain some favorable market position then, certainly there is no problem as it would boost your profitable situation, satisfactorily. But, on the other hand, if the oil stocks perform poorly, your losses are guaranteed, which could have been counter-balanced if you have diversified your investments to include either other industry-related stocks or other investment practices like Bonds, ETFs etc.

This is not only applicable to the above-mentioned stock market scenario but also, for any other trading scenario you prefer to venture, as all these practices are assuredly risky that needs a solid shield in the form of diversification to strengthen the situation of the associated traders.

Diversification and cryptocurrencies

With all these hypes surrounding the cryptocurrencies, people are more eager to invest and trade on them but, not without understanding the significance of diversification. Yes, although Bitcoin is regarded as the safe haven for cryptocurrency investment ventures, one cannot deny the negative effect of volatility surrounding it, which can be counter-balanced by diversifying your cryptocurrency portfolio aka to invest in the alternative solution called the altcoins. Like Bitcoins, certain altcoins like Ethereum, Ripple are gaining great popularity these days and therefore, these can become your dependable investment choices that can also widen your portfolio appreciably.

But, storing and safeguarding them might be a problem if you go for the traditional investment procedure of completely purchasing them. Instead, when you opt for the cryptocurrency CFD procedures, no physical ownership of the asset is required that thankfully, exempt you from facing the problem of storing and safeguarding the asset. Furthermore, the practice becomes much more convenient and profitable with the auto trading option, about which you have every right to learn more!

Mar 27

CFD Trading versus Traditional Trading

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

What is CFD trading?

CFD trading or the Contract for Difference trading is a trading method that has been derived from the traditional trading practices. In a CFD trading, traders receive a contract. The contract is not a possession certificate of the underlying assets, rather it certifies that traders who possess it have the right to receive the total difference that arises between the present value of the asset and its value in the future. If however, the value of asset diminishes, then the trader will have to bear the losses incurred. Like all trading practices, CFD trading also enables traders to:

  • Speculate the rise and fall of asset value in the financial market
  • Trade with multiple assets such as commodities, forex, shares, currencies including cryptocurrencies, indices, treasuries, and more

However, chances do exist where traders may or may not face a partial or a complete loss of the invested amount on the trader’s assets when trading using the CFD method. Thus, discretion is advised while trading with your financial assets and it is also recommended to trade or invest in an amount that you can only afford to lose through the CFD trading.

What is the traditional way of trading?

The traditional way of trading on an exchange involves the physical presence of the traders and the stockbrokers to buy and sell assets.

Differentiation between CFD and traditional trading:

Here are some very basic differences between a CFD trading and a traditional trading carried out on an exchange platform:

  1. Day traders who want to enter a trade position and exit from it quickly prefer CFD trading. However, traditional trading on an exchange is the preferred style of trading for traders who do not wish to exit a trade position soon but would like to monitor the trend of their asset and then make a decision.
  2. In CFD trading, bonuses are a means to earn an additional margin for an increase in the total order volume increase. However, bonuses obtained when trading using CFD cannot be used a leverage and can neither be withdrawn as against the rules while trading the conventional way on an exchange.


Thus, it can be concluded that both CFD trading and traditional trading on an exchange are both equally good, as both methods of trading are known to produce excellent trading results. However, the choice of whether to trade via CFD trading or on an exchange will depend on the trader’s trading preferences and comfort. Read the complete article on Crypto CFD Trader review to know whether CFD trading is the ideal way of trading for you.