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Mar 27

CFD Trading versus Traditional Trading

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

What is CFD trading?

CFD trading or the Contract for Difference trading is a trading method that has been derived from the traditional trading practices. In a CFD trading, traders receive a contract. The contract is not a possession certificate of the underlying assets, rather it certifies that traders who possess it have the right to receive the total difference that arises between the present value of the asset and its value in the future. If however, the value of asset diminishes, then the trader will have to bear the losses incurred. Like all trading practices, CFD trading also enables traders to:

  • Speculate the rise and fall of asset value in the financial market
  • Trade with multiple assets such as commodities, forex, shares, currencies including cryptocurrencies, indices, treasuries, and more

However, chances do exist where traders may or may not face a partial or a complete loss of the invested amount on the trader’s assets when trading using the CFD method. Thus, discretion is advised while trading with your financial assets and it is also recommended to trade or invest in an amount that you can only afford to lose through the CFD trading.

What is the traditional way of trading?

The traditional way of trading on an exchange involves the physical presence of the traders and the stockbrokers to buy and sell assets.

Differentiation between CFD and traditional trading:

Here are some very basic differences between a CFD trading and a traditional trading carried out on an exchange platform:

  1. Day traders who want to enter a trade position and exit from it quickly prefer CFD trading. However, traditional trading on an exchange is the preferred style of trading for traders who do not wish to exit a trade position soon but would like to monitor the trend of their asset and then make a decision.
  2. In CFD trading, bonuses are a means to earn an additional margin for an increase in the total order volume increase. However, bonuses obtained when trading using CFD cannot be used a leverage and can neither be withdrawn as against the rules while trading the conventional way on an exchange.


Thus, it can be concluded that both CFD trading and traditional trading on an exchange are both equally good, as both methods of trading are known to produce excellent trading results. However, the choice of whether to trade via CFD trading or on an exchange will depend on the trader’s trading preferences and comfort. Read the complete article on Crypto CFD Trader review to know whether CFD trading is the ideal way of trading for you.

Feb 23

Interested In Trading? Check This Out.

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

The trading market is so very crowded and crunched that even the good and reliable ones are looked at with some amount of suspicion and this is something very common and usual here. In fact, it is this suspicion that makes it clear to the traders and also the others, the reliability and the original intentions of the trading platform and also their promises about helping the traders in their profit-making mission. There is absolutely no guarantee that a well established and good looking system is not a scam and the vice-versa.’ So when HB Swiss made its entry into this highly confusing and congested market, there were a lot of recommendations and demands for an investigation on this.

A detailed review

As all of us now, the time and again emphasized fact in this highly dense market is that it is necessary for all the traders to have a complete understanding about a system before they take to making their investments here. This is very important because there is absolutely no trace on the money deposited into a system and hence the last time a trader would get to see his money is at the deposit stage and he would be lucky to get it back if it is invested in a reliable system. And to make a calm and confident deposit into any system it becomes necessary for him to understand the functioning of the system, the strategies used by it in trading and also the various features offered to the traders.

HB Swiss is considered an accepted reliable source for trading online and many traders have already been benefitted by being a part of it. So get into this system for your trades after going through the below section that throws light on some of the important points about this system.

  • There is a constant, 24/7 customer support available to the traders who are at freedom to contact this desk for any clarifications or doubts. Yes, this team stays awake round the clock to give all sorts of assistance to traders and help them through their trading process without any troubles or hiccups.
  • You just need to make a deposit of $250 which is an affordable amount for all types of traders hence the entry is made simple and an open one. There are absolutely no sides taken by this system and hence it is another very important factor that makes this platform a suitable one for all traders.
Feb 16

Ethereum Code For An Eternal Trading Bond

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

Trading when happens in an automated mode, it becomes easier for the traders to focus on their daily routine as well as trading. Yes, this automated option enables them to trade online without their presence actually making an automated robot trade on their behalf. This generally happens when the trader gives all the necessary information and instructions to the robot and make it his replacement online for trading. The best part is the robot would follow all the instructions and would take the trade till the end. There have also been many successful trades completed by such robots.

Now Ethereum Code is an automated cryptocurrency robot that is capable of helping the traders with such an opportunity. This automated cryptocurrency trading robot is the brainchild of Marc Weston who has made this system to operate automatically helping the traders in all possible ways. The best part about this system is that it is created and developed as a competitive option to the Bitcoins. Yes, so far it was just Bitcoins that was ruling the cryptocurrency market solely but now with this we have many options available. It is an advantage to the traders who are now left with many options and they are at freedom to check, test and then invest on one that they think would suit them and their investments.

Hurry up, entry limited

This system is a very beneficial one and there are a lot of traders already on the website making their dreams a reality. The entry here is limited. There are only a few entry slots made available each day and the traders have to really buck up to make their opportunities here. Agreeing to take the free access to it would help the traders in knowing how their fortune and profits would be here. Learn more about this simple and quick entry process by clicking on this website,

Official website

The official website of this software explains everything in detail to the traders. There is this homepage that talks to the traders about how trades happen here, what the trading strategies are, and what asset options the traders get to choose from. Similarly, the traders are also free to access the testimonial page to get to know more about this website and the benefits enjoyed by the other traders who have had their trading experiences here. This becomes a good start and also a good intro for the system.

Feb 09

Have Clear Entry AndExit Rules And Record Your Trades

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

It is important that you have rules and trade based on your trade plan only. Follow it when you trade using Crypto code.

Set your exit rules

Traders focus a lot of time in understanding the entry and miss out on the exit rules. They concentrate all their efforts on where to enter the trade and forget to pre-plan the exit. Traders need to plan the exit be it a target or a stop loss price. It is important to accept loses in trades. This is a small amount that you pay towards the business.

Every trade cannot be profitable and this is true even for the professional traders. If your stop loss gets hit then get out of the trade because it means that you are wrong in your trade.The professional traders actually have more losing trades than winning trades. But they manage their risks and limit their losses and this is what lets them be in green.

Entry rules to take a trade

This is the second thing after exit that you should plan for. Exits are more important than entries. The entry criteria need to be effective and also simple. You need to have some entry conditions and you take a trade only when all the conditions are met. Computers are better traders than humans because they follow rules and do not judge the trades based on emotions.Computers do not do any second-guessing. If all the criteria are met they take a trade and when the trade does not go as expected it exits the trade ina loss. Computers also do not get angry and do not get revengeful with the market.

Record your trades

Record all our trades. This should include the ones that are profitable as well as the loss-making trades. If the trade is a winner then you should know what you did right. When you lose the trade you should know what you had done wrong. Make the detail record of each trade and note down the lesson that you learned from this trade. Another important thing to note down is the average time that you spent on the trade which is the trade efficiency.

After each day add up your profit and loss. Make a note of the reason for the profit or loss. This can use as a reference later.Understand what is working for you and things that you should avoid when taking the next trade.

Feb 02

Features of a good trading plan

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

Before you start trading you should make sure that you have a trading plan as well as a reliable trading strategy in place. This would allow you to progress in your journey confidently. Even when there are some glitches, some unpredicted fall you would know how to handle the situation and come out of it while also minimizing your losses.

If you are trading for the first time there are several online trading bots like Qprofit System that are designed to help beginners.But even to trade with such bots or automated tools you would need a trading plan as the foundation. What should you trading plan contain?

  1. Entry and exit rules:

Framing your exit rules matter more than framing the entry rules themselves. A wise trader is one who focuses more on reducing the losses as much as possible. Not every downtrend should be chosen as a sell call. But at the same time, you do not always have to wait for the price to bounce back to avoid losses. Know when to exit and how long to wait before you exit. The same also applies to entry rules. You cannot simply invest in every stock that turns out to be a gainer in the recent past. Have some preset conditions to check and verify whether the stocks are really good for investing.

  1. Know your goals:

Are you looking for short-term options or long-term options? Should you look at volatile stocks for day trading or multi-baggers to simply find a safe place to invest? Answering these questions would require you to know your trading goals clearly. This should also be part of your trading plan.

  1. The time allotted:

Whether you are trading part-time while juggling with your full-time job or whether you are a full-time trader you would need to set your time limits. Too much focus on stocks can fog your mind and lead to bad decisions. So schedule your trading time and include this in your trading plan.

  1. Risk levels:

You cannot trade with zero risks. The key is to identify and stick with your allowed risk levels. Most traders have risk levels of 1-5 % set in their portfolio. So what is yours?

In addition to adding all of the above to your trading plan, assign a place for bankroll management and for regular breaks as well. You definitely need periodic breaks to clear out your mind and to come back with fresh ideas.

Jan 26

Trading indicators used in technical analysis

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

Read this article to know about the technical indicators that are used by traders. Thetechnicalindicatoruses the open, high, low and close price of the candle in the calculation. This is used in almost all the technical indicators that are applied in the technical analysis.

Technical indicators could be either leading or lagging.The leading indicators are those that lead the movement of price. These indicators give a signal before the new trend is formed or a reversal occurs. A lagging indicator is one that follows the action of the price. These give signals after the reversal has taken place.

The indicators are majorly divided into a trend, momentum volatility, and volume indicators.

Trend indicators

These indicators, as the name suggests, tell the trader or the investor the direction of the trend of the security. The trend could either by bullish that is upward or bearish that is downwards. It could also have no trend where it is said to be sideways.

The Moving Average, Parabolic SAR, Forecast Oscillator and the Average Directional Index are examples of trend indicators. These are used by trades who use the indicators to analyze what the trend of the market or a particular security is.

Momentum indicators

The momentum measures the speed at which the price of the asset is moving. These kinds of traders look at securities that are moving very fast in a particular direction with high volumes.

The RSI, Commodity Channel Index, Stochastics, and the William%R are examples of momentum indicators that are used by traders.The momentum indicators are oscillating indicators and they help the traders to judge whether the asset is overbought or oversold.

Volatility indicators

Volatility is an important part of trading and there are many indicators to measure volatility. It is the rate at which the price moves wither up or down. The stock has a high volatility when the price moves at a very quick speed and if it is moving slowly then it has low volatility.

Bollinger Bands, Average True Range, Projection Oscillator and Envelopes are examples of volatility indicators used in technical trading.

Volume indicators

Volume indicators are important to confirm the continuation of the direction of the security. There are many volume indicators and they let you know if the price movement is still strong. Examples of volume indicators used in technical trading are Money Flow Index, Chaikin Money Flow, Force Index, and Demand Index.

The technical indicators be used on all the markets and experts suggest that you use at least one of each type of indicator to confirm your trades.

Jan 19


By Jessica Barnes | Posts

In a world where trading online is known to be lucrative yet risky, Ethereum Code helps eliminate all negatives and opens the gates for hefty profits without any risk.

One of the biggest risks while trading online is of scams and frauds, but it is a name that speaks of honesty, legitimacy as well as safety. One can safely invest with this automated trading robot and see your money grow many folds. Find out more about Ethereum Code right here.

About Ethereum Code:

This is an automated trading robot that deals with investing in Ethereum and cryptocurrency. It has been created such that it is packed with superb features. It is a perfect platform for global traders and also those who have no prior experience or knowledge about the system.

This makes use of complicated factors like algorithms to analyze and make some almost perfect predictions about assets and their prices in the future trading market. This system can be used to look out for lucrative looking deals. It also functions in a dual mode that is autopilot mode where the system functions independently or manual modes where you can take advantage of the information provided and execute trades of your own.

What are the salient features of the system?

Despite the fact that the system applies complicated features, the interface, as well as the navigation, have been specially made to be user-friendly. It is highly simplified and known to help earn god profits successfully.

How does Ethereum Code earn profits?

A lot of data is first derived from various trading sources online; this is stored in the form of computer codes which is known to power the complete trading system. This research and information form the basis of the analysis conducted on the part of the system. These then make predictions about how a particular asset will move in the market. This is then generated in the form of signals.

It has been enabled to function in autopilot mode, where this information is automatically used to place trades. It can also be used in the manual form, where users can take advantage of these signals and get an upper hand while trading manually.

What do users do?

The users can make the most of the system on the internet without any downloading. It is also used as a mobile app for global traders who are always on the move.

The process involves registration on the official website, then making a minimal deposit and finally activating either the autopilot or manual mode. You can adjust the risk level to gain complete control over the trades.

Jan 12

Should You Believe In The Crypto Code?

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

We are all hearing way too much about the Crypto Code but how could you be sure if it is worth believing in or not? There are several parameters to ensure whether a particular trading system is legit or not. These parameters include the background and expertise level of the creator, the features it is equipped with, the safety features it is equipped with and the way it handles a trading account. Let us find out what this software does.

Are there hidden expenses?

A trading system that is out to rob people’s money would have a tendency to come along with a signing-up fee or charge. It will also have other miscellaneous fees that are difficult to make out during the sign-up procedure. This trading system has neither of these features. The sign-up procedure is absolutely free and there is no hidden fee that needs to be paid later.

The only money that you need to invest is in your personal trading account in the form of operating capital. All it requires is a minimum trading capital of $250 that you can withdraw whenever you wish to.

Expertise level required

Most trading systems will not entertain beginners. This is because it expects the trader to place trades on his own and not take responsibility for any misplaced trade. However, this trading system at hand entertains both beginners and professional traders. It has a special automated mode that helps place trades on your behalf and you need not intervene or take trade calls. You need not have any trading experience to be able to place the trades. This is the best feature of this software. You can also change the trading mode according to your preferences.

Customer support system

What most people get miffed at is an unresponsive customer support system. It really takes away the charm of trading and making profits out of it. This is because you might not always be making profits alone. It is possible that you have a query or an issue regarding your deposit, your profits or a particular trade call. If a trading system does not have a user-friendly customer support system then it is lacking a big feature.

With this software, there is no such issue. The customer care team goes through professional training every year and that is what helps them to stay updated with the latest developments. They are friendly, efficient, and supportive and will always help you with all your trade related queries.

Jan 05

How To Choose The Perfect CFD Trading Platform

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

The simplicity and the profitability surrounding the CFD trading practice have encouraged many traders, both the experienced and the newbies to earnestly venture this trading practice. But, the above-said advantages can be met appropriately only when you choose the right trading platform that can make your trading ways not only simpler but also prosperous. But if you are new to this trading practice then, the task of finding the perfect platform can be intimidating, which can be very-well eliminated if you follow the below-mentioned 4 important suggestions while choosing that perfect system for your perfect trading ways!

  • The choice of financial instruments

You might be interested in choosing the currencies or the commodities or even the stocks as your CFD trading instruments, which can be perfectly accomplished only when you choose such a platform that includes your preferred asset as one among their choices of CFD tradeable instruments. Therefore, before choosing a platform for experiencing your trading ambitions, understand their choice of assets and accordingly make an informed decision.


  • The technological features

The technology has empowered this trading practice by offering a number of features like market predictions, trend analysis, chart-based predictions and so on that can making you trading practices not only straightforward but also prosperous. Even better if you can follow the services offered by the automated CFD trading robots like the QProfit System that makes your trading practice absolutely trouble-free and in every way profitable!


  • The customer service

A glitch, no matter a technical one or a financial one is always bound to occur, which can never be a botheration on your successful trading ways only if the platform you choose comes with an ever-available customer support service that is also friendly and as well as capable. Having a reliable customer support service urges you to trade more confidently, without worrying about any setbacks and system failures and therefore, do consider this significant suggestion before choosing that significant CFD trading platform to fulfill your respective trading ambitions.


  • Fees

If you prefer offsetting your losses or maximizing your profits then, go for that platform that charges reasonable amount as the fee. This basis of this fee might differ according to the policies adopted by the different platforms like commission-based fee, spread-based fee or the both, each having their own advantages and disadvantages, which you have to consider before concluding the one for you!


Also, always read their fine print to discover any hidden charges or fees that might come in the way of your profitable results.

Dec 29

Pros and Cons of Profit Targets

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

See this to know the benefits of trading using profit targets. However, there are some not so good points about trading with a profit target.


  • When you place a stop loss and a profit on the trade then you know the risk: reward ratio. This is known before you even place the trade. You can then decide whether you want to take the trade or not.
  • The profit target is based on data and logical reasoning and what the trader sees on the charts.
  • When a profit target is placed as soon as one enters the trade, it helps to keep emotions aside. There is no scope for any guesswork and the trader uses his analysis to decide what could be a good profit level
  • If the profit level gets reached then the trader would have capitalized a good amount of gain.


  • The profit should be placed not on mere guesswork. It should not be placed randomly. Too much hope can let the trader place the profit target very far away. Fear can push him to place the target very close to the entry level.
  • Placing the profit target requires a lot of skill. There can be a condition where the price may move closer to the target price but not touch it and then reverse the course and hit the stop loss instead. This is especially true if the profit is placed at a huge distance. If this happens regularly then you may be losing out on most of your trades even after the analysis being right.
  • The profit target does not let you take the benefit of the full So once you are out of the trade you cannot benefit if the price tends to move further up.
  • Every trade should have an exit price. Entering the trade is the easy part, what is difficult is to determine where to get out of the trade. This is what will determine whether the trade would be profitable or a loss-making


Ways by which the trader may determine the target level

The target should be placed such that the risk to reward is met. The stop loss is as important as setting the target level. The stop loss will determine what the loss of the trade is and the profit level will determine what the profit on the trade is. The reward should always be higher than the risk of every trade.

It is impossible to determine beforehand which trade will be a success and which one a loss. Thus if the reward: risk ratio is taken care of then there is a high probability that with more number of trades the trading account may be in a positive.