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Nov 10

Resistance – Find The Exit Price Of Your Trade

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

The Q Profit System review is important to check before you start trading in the market using the automated trading software. These algorithms are formed using candle stick patterns which studies the history of the asset and then determines the entry, exit and the stop loss price of the asset.


A very important part of the algorithm and technical analysis is the support and resistance levels. These help to identify the purchase and the target price of the asset that you want to trade in. These are the price points on the technical analysis chart and this is where there is maximum buying or selling on the asset. The support is the price where the buying power of the asset is the maximum. The resistance is the level where the sellers are the maximum.


Resistance is a very important price point on the technical chart. This is where the sellers are more than the buyers and where the price of the asset is likely to fall. This is where the supply is the maximum and it is always important that the resistance price is above the current price of the market.


At the resistance point it is very likely that the price will consolidate and absorb the supply and then decline in price. Resistance is considered to be a major technical analysis tool and this is what the traders look for when the market is rising. This is where the traders get a trigger to sell the asset.


When there is resistance then it means that the supply is excessive and this builds the pressure to sell. When there is pressure to sell then it will drag the price of the asset lower. This is why when a trader has brought an asset in the market he looks at the resistance levels to check where he should exit the trade.


In case you want to short sell in the market then the resistance is the point where you decide to place a sell order in the market.


The binary trading software identifies the resistance for you and then places the exit on the trade at that price point. It is important to know that there may be many resistance levels in the chart and the algorithm identifies the level that is the strongest.


Identifying the resistance levels takes a lot of expertise and thus the creators of the software have designed the software in such a manner that it finds out the resistance level with the highest probability.




Nov 03

How has technology has transformed the way we do business

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

A significant if not the most important factor for a rapidly changing economic scenario world over is FinTech or the financial services technology. Nowadays it is extremely simple to spend, invest and manage your money from the comfort of your own space – your home, on your way to work or even on a holiday in a remote corner of the globe.

Today’s consumers are confidently moving to digital spending and investments necessitating the whole industry to transform itself and adopt new technologies. It is AI all the way henceforth.

What are the new trends in the financial sector?

  1. Physical Banks are losing their sheen

Due to the increase in online banking and more recently mobile banking, physical banks number has seen a steady decline over the last decade. It is not just online banking that is taking away customers but also other players in the market who allow you to procure loans, invest, save and even lend money without stepping out of your homes. Technology has improved so much that you can even trade with automated trading bots like the Q Profit System.  You can read more about Q Profit System to know how technology can help even layman trade confidently and even make profit.

  1. Emergence of blockchain

The blockchain technology is the reason for the emergence of bitcoin as a powerful digital currency. This technology allows you to safely and securely deal in any kind of goods – money, ideas, royalty fees, real estate, investments etc.  It removes the middlemen of yore while providing better online security.

  1. Encouraging a new financial outlook

With the advent of mobile banking, the life of the common man has become far simpler and less stressful. There is no more a rush to the bank to deposit a paycheck or repay a mortgage loan. You can now do it from your mobile phone at your convenience and from anywhere you are. This kind of freedom encourages people to actively participate in their finances and seek opportunities to invest and borrow with ease. Furthermore, the ability to see your finances at a glance aids them to lead a healthy financial life.

  1. Physical Currency bye bye

If you have invested in bitcoin then you must know that it is a digital currency that is not specific to any nation. With more and more transactions possible with digital currency the need for actual physical currency is diminished. And even for those without bitcoin, the plastic card has revolutionized the way we shop.

Thus, we see that there are interesting times ahead not just for the consumer but also for the industry with blockchain set to making way into the mainstream marketplace.

Oct 27

Planning For A New Addition To The Family

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

Are you a double income household? Do you have enough money put aside for your time after employment? Do you think your savings will be able to cushion any major blow that life throws at you? If your answers to all these questions are yes, then, congratulations. However, we’re here to burst your bubble a little. All of your planning could not have anticipated the addition of a child to your family’s roster.

If you are thinking of having children or are expecting your first child, then, it’s time to assess your finances and think ahead of all the expenses that could come your way. To begin with is the newborn/toddler years where all you will be doing is buying clothes and toys and things you don’t really need but are essential for your child. While the expenses generally might not seem like much, they do tend to add up. The worst part is that you won’t be seeing that money come back any time.

Finances And Families

Budgeting is essential in life, in general. So, it is imperative that you begin budgeting your money and saving up for a rainy day from the time you are employed permanently. If not, you will find yourself overdrawn and struggling every time there is a crisis. While there are plenty of financing options available, it’s not possible to be in debt all the time.

If you are a double income household, then, you will also have to cater to the loss of one income if your partner chooses to take a sabbatical from work to take care of your child. You will also have to think about your child’s education (private schools are expensive) and anything else you would like you give your child – an inheritance, or a trust.

Money is important in our world, and it is best that we recognize it. Plan your finances such that you are well-prepared for any kind of eventuality.

Side Income

One way that you can also plan your money is by earning extra on the side. And one of the best ways to do this is online trading. Online trading will help you a lot in that you can choose how much money to invest and you can monitor your profits. However, if you choose to go the automated route with a bot like Carbon FX, then, you can check the Carbon FX Review first and then download the app to your existing trading account.

Oct 20

Is The 1G Profit System Legit?

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

Now that the new automated trading software, 1G Profit System is in place, you might either feel good about it or feel sceptical about it. Given the volatility of market conditions, you might want to avoid investing in it altogether. You might also have heard of the 1G Profit scam that further drove you away from understanding the system completely.

However, you will be surprised to know how this system can generate a daily income of close to $1000 and is being used by a number of traders all across the globe. It has a high rate of accuracy as well that stands at around 92% and is higher than most other trading platforms currently.

What does this system offer?

The best feature of the 1G Profit system is the fact that it offers a completely automated mode that allows people of zero trading knowledge to trade without any hassle. This is made possible by the fact that you can place your trades on the autopilot mode and let the system take the calls for you.

Is it easy to operate?

Once you start using the 1G Profit system, you will realize that it is very easy to operate and can run in whichever browser you have. You are not required to install anything additionally and the software does not require constant upgrades.

As soon as you sign up, you will be able to start trading. It does not have in-between hassles like verification, confirmation etc.

About the 1G Profit System Scam

Whenever a trading bot is introduced in the market, rival companies spread rumours about its authenticity. The same holds true for the 1G Profit system. However, this is one system that always lives up to its claim and there are a number of ways in which this can be proven:

  1. Customer satisfaction

This is by far the most effective way in which a system’s authenticity can be explained. Everyone who has this trading system has positive feedback to offer and that invariably proves the profitability of the system.

  1. Amicable environment

It is very important to feel safe and secure while trading and the 1G Profit system is so friendly and amicable that you will never feel threatened of using it. The encryption protocols are always in place and the platform is completely secured.



  1. Easy withdrawals

The 1G Profit System ensures that your profit withdrawal is as easy as it gets. All you need to do is request for a withdrawal and the rest is taken care of by the system in 2 business days.

Oct 13

Things to consider while buying stocks

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

There are several places to invest your hard earned money and reap the benefits. But stocks continue to be the most popular types of investments. This is mainly because of the high returns this investment can fetch if done right. Online trading platforms like QProfit System have now made it even simpler to invest in stocks. But if you are new to online trading you can always begin by reading the Q Profit System review to understand why it is so popular.

That being said, here are some of the considerations to remember while you invest in stocks:

  1. Look for the brand presence:

There are businesses and then there are brands. Look for those companies that have managed to establish a strong brand identity. These are the companies that would be reliable if you are looking for a long term option. Those that have placed their brand in a strong stance would be those that are really influential.

  1. Clarity of what the business does:

If you choose a particular company to invest in you should be able to understand the company. You should be able to understand what the company really does and this would give you an idea about how the company might progress. You would be able to make your decisions based on how that particular industry is performing in the market. These are the companies that are known to have a transparent business model that investors and shareholders would find easy to comprehend. After all it would make no sense to invest in a company which you do not know about.

  1. Be cautious when you invest in small companies:

There is no established rule to find how a company would perform in the future. There are some giants who have gone low overnight. There are startups that have made it big in a short period. As a safer option several people would advise you to invest in higher or mid-level companies. But then some startups or those that have recently had their IPO might often have lower priced stocks. But the decision should be made only after careful considerations. Do a keen market watch. Look for the most influential startups that have the highest chances of making it big that year. These would be the best stocks to pick. But when you pick a startup, the pace of growth might often be slow and the returns might thus be less as well, in most cases. Understand this before investing.

Sep 20

See your money grow with the QProfit system software 

By Jessica Barnes | Posts

The average investment that one can make using the QProfit software is from $2500 to $5000 or even more. This is because of the clever quantum technology and the big data trading techniques and principles that let you make such huge money in a single trading day. You may also wish to put in your own strategy and analysis by switching to the manual mode. When you select the manual mode you can place your own algorithm and program the software to take trades based on your study and analogy. Alternatively, if you are not sure of your trading strategy, then let the robot take the trades for you based on the inbuilt trading algorithm. 

However, it is important to note that the amount of money that you will be able to make daily will be dependent on how much funds you have invested in the trading account. This is because it is your funds that will be reinvested into the market and it is this money that will grow to make profits for you. So the higher is the capital amount that you have invested, the higher will be the amount of trades that you can take and you will thus be able to make more profits. So make use of your profitable strategy and make use of the automated functions to be able to double and treble your daily profits trading the Forex market. 

Cost of trading 

You will not have to pay anything to put the robot to use. This is absolutely free of cost. You will, however, need to invest at least a minimum amount of $250 in order to fund your account. This amount can be withdrawn whenever you want and at any time. Most of the traders who use the Qprofit system software keep the amount in the account for a long time so that the profits can be capitalized and can be re-invested in the market to generate more and more profits. The trading system offers stable and consistent returns on a day to day basis and thus it makes more sense to leave the capital money and the profits in the account for longer to see your capital money grow. 

Easy deposit and withdrawal 

The Q Profit System allows withdrawals using the same method that you choose to deposit your money. It is thus important that you choose the method of deposit carefully as most of the brokers will accept payment through plastic money as well as through e-wallets and wire transfers. 


Sep 13


By Jessica Barnes | Posts

What more can one ask for, than a fully safe and reliable online investment platform that also helps your money grow? The name of QProfit System is comparatively newer in the forex automated robot’s league. However in almost no time, it has gained popularity for being one of the best investment platforms. There have been numerous testimonials from satisfied traders and great reviews about the platform.  

We decided to conduct our very own QProfit System review to check the facts for ourselves. The following is what we found out: 

What is QProfit System all about?  

This is a unique kind of automated forex robot that has been created by a renowned financier and his NASA software engineer and developer. They together created this system using an exclusive combination of big data investment analysis that has been a signature style at the Wall Street and is fast gaining popularity. The other factor is the quantum speed technology, involves trajectory predictor algorithms this is the part that sets this one apart from other conventional investment platforms.  

The making of the system can be considered as a complex sophisticated procedure. But using the interface is exactly opposite, it is completely user friendly. The software is such that new comers as well as experts can all use it easily.  

How can one make profits with this system? 

Because of its one of a kind making, the system has an excellent payout that reaches a whopping 95%. This is an assurance of a daily income of anything around $2500. One of its best features is that, it functions as an automated robot as well as on manual mode. This allows you to continue your job and still earn money or even do it yourself.  

The complete system here is browser based and you need not download anything. This not just saves time but also reduces the risk of malware that come along. Yet another advantage of this system is that it is also available as a mobile app. This means, you can use it in your comfort zone or even when on the move.  

Creating an account:  

This is very easy. You simply visit the official website and sign up with them. You only need to fill in your relevant details and an email confirmation will be sent. Along with the confirmation you will also receive a link to some safe and trusted broker who will conduct deals on your behalf.  

Here you have to deposit a basic sum of anything around $250. This money will be used to carry out trades for you. The profits are added directly to your account. You can also withdraw the sum any time you wish.  

In case you have any queries, they also have a competent team of customer support available round the clock.  

Our overall conclusion was that QProfit System is legitimate, safe and worth your trust.  

Sep 06


By Jessica Barnes | Posts

Online investment options are often viewed critically owing to the fact that there are many fake websites and scams that put your privacy at risk along with causing monetary loss too. Among all such names, 1G Profit System comes like a breath of fresh air. There have been many great advantages that have been mentioned by satisfied users, and the testimonials that they have written as well as in reviews done for this system.  

When we heard of 1G Profit System we also decided to conduct a research to clarify the same. And the result was as expected. 1G Profit System is a safe and legitimate method of online investment. Let us throw some more light on this system.  

What is 1G Profit System all about? 

1G Profit System is a Forex investment tool that works in the form of a robot. The development of this system has involved a lot of hard work and dedication on the part of the developer. The developer himself is an expert financer from the Wall Street specializing in Forex, high frequency as well as big data investment. He was earlier working with the big sharks of Forex and learnt all the tricks of the trade.  

He soon developed funding options and developed this system, as a way to share the benefits of this mode of income with the common public. He has made apt use of the highly advanced quantum theory along with the latest big data investment principle. This combination has given the system the edge above everyone else.  

Also efforts have been taken to make the interface easy to use for one and all. Creating an account with them is also straight forward. You need not download anything and can use the system manually if you know how to place deals on your own. In case if you do not, the autopilot method will do all the hard work on your behalf.  

Check the list of salient features of this wonder system: 

  • Exceptional market predictions: The system scans the market and can make near accurate market predictions which form the base of its functioning. It is on the basis of this knowledge that the system places deals on your behalf.  
  • Excellent Payout: The returns of this system surpass any assurance given by any other competitor to a whopping 99.8 %. This means you make a huge profit every time a deal is made.  
  • Top end analysis and judgement: It is on the basis of the in-depth knowledge in the making of this system that allows it to be as competent as it is.  
Aug 30

An Insight Into The Evolution Of QProfit System 

By Jessica Barnes | Posts


The online investment industry has become so competitive that more and more alternatives and methods for the same have started emerging on a regular basis. One of these most successful new systems is known as QProfit System, started by a learned investor, Jerry Douglas. He is currently the CEO of this flourishing company. Also, he is not the only one who has created this extremely useful platform. It was Sasha Petroshenko, a former software engineer at NASA, who also gave great inputs for starting this extraordinary firm. All the people involved in building this highly dependable investment tool is very dedicated to produce a proficient software for the benefits of online investors.  

Features of the robot 

The classified information about this high-end toll suggests that it will be famous for two main features- high speed of functioning as well as utilisation of great investment ideologies. It’s probably the first time that a tool this competent and reliable has been created in the industry of online investment and binary options. The performance is remarkable and the outcome is certainly overwhelming. The reports say that this robot is definitely creating history in the market as both its creators are earning good turn-over on a daily basis.  

In addition to this, the strike rate of this robot is not to be underestimated. Most of the reports suggest that the strike rate of this leading platform is around 95%, which is way higher than any other broker in the field of online investment. When it comes to other famous brokers in the industry they seem to be doing at least 15% less business as compared to QProfit System.   

Scams related to the broker 

When you browse the Internet and try to learn about this excellent online investment broker, you might come across a few scams that would bring down your spirits for using this service. However, please be ensured that the services and results offered by this company are beyond excellent and most of clients enjoy great outcomes after every investment. You can survey as much as you want about this latest auto-trading robot in the industry and all you will find about it is praises and acknowledgements. Go through as many professional advises and reviews as you can and all you would conclude in the end about this robot is that it is a highly dependable and flourishing tool to double up your money in no time.  

Try out this new form of online trading to cherish brilliant results in the shortest period of time.  


Aug 17

Understanding Jobs Available For Financial Graduates

By Jessica Barnes | Posts


business or finance still life with pen and chart

Those pursuing financial degrees can have a range of job opportunities within trading to choose from. A trading job would usually involve buying and selling of financial instruments with the aim to make a profit. Some examples of such financial instruments areshares of those companies that are listed, financial bonds issued by the government or other organizations, etc.

A trading job is an exciting one but it can also be very demanding. It could help you earn substantially well if you are a successful trader.

What are buy-side and sell-side trading jobs?

As the names suggest, the buy side of the business is involved in buying financial instruments and the sell side is interested in selling them.

  1. The buy side:

Many financial organizations buy plenty of financial instruments with the intention of money management. Some examples of such organizations are commercial banks, insurance companies, mutual fund companies, etc.

A buy side analyst’s aim is to invest in financial instruments, which resonate with the expectations of their customers. A buy side analyst may prepare a research report that can help the particular organization it was created for. This report is usually not published.

  1. The sell side:

The sell side of trading involves working with asset management companies, hedge fund companies, investment banking, etc.

The role of a sell side analyst is to sell research to the investors and clients. A sell side analyst usually prepares an equity research report. This report would tell whether one should buy, hold or sell the financial instrument.

Getting a trading job:

One of the most basic requirements to get a trading job is to graduate from a well-known school or university. Though most traders would have graduate degrees, some of them may also have advanced financial degrees. One may even require appearing for certain exams in order to obtain the license for becoming a stock trader.

The ideal way to begin would be to intern with a commercial bank to learn the basics of trading. Most traders start at junior organizational positions and then work their way up to becoming an experienced or senior trader. Some successful traders may even eventually start their own trading companies.


Trading has become much simpler than before with the introduction of choicessuch as binary options software. Millionaire Blueprint with its high success rate and easy interface is one such example. In spite this there are many critics who wonder,is Millionaire Blueprint safe and question its legitimacy.

Whichever job one may be interested in, the important point to remember is to work hard and not get tempted to take the easy way out.