The crypto code is one program that has caught my fancy for its legitness

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May 06

I have always been a skeptic:

Even before the scams started to surface and presumably every other software was a scammer trying to trap gullible traders and giving them a ride for their money, I was sure that there is definitely more to it than what met the eyes.

The sugar-coated words and the urgency that they create for you to sign up with them immediately were downright fishy. I would feel like it’s a trap readied for someone to only walk in. and I was right.

Was I shooting in the dark?

At one point I felt that maybe I should set my prejudices aside and think with an open mind. I wanted to be among those who know about it from doing and not just overhear it from someone or learn from somebody else’s experiences.

So, I researched and I set aside three trading software that was too unrealistic in their promises!

One of them was Crypto Code developed by Derrick Simmons. I tried and tested all the three of them simultaneously. The first two were actually scammers and no sooner had I linked my bank account then I was so sure I had landed in a soup.

For purpose of the study, let’s call them Software 1 and Software 2.

Software 1 was only instructed to withdraw $250 from my bank account but what it did was appalling. It withdrew $350 and don’t ask me how; because I myself have no clue! No sooner had it withdrawn the cash I began losing the money faster than a thunderbolt. In less than one and half hours I was exactly at the point that I had started out at; “Zilch”!
Software 2 debited only $250 and I am so thankful to the lord for that. But it assigned me an unregistered offshore broker whom I had no idea about. The broker was not licensed either. Similarly, but this time only it lasted longer. In about 6 hours that I took my nocturnal rest, my balance had come back to nil.

What did Crypto Code do?

I am glad that one of the software was this one. My Crypto Code review talks about this in detail how this wonderfully legit software helped me to more than makeup for the losses that I bore on the other two scums. Not only that, it also helped me make an additional profit of $500 in a period of three weeks. The broker assigned to me by the software was licensed as well. I cannot even tell you how surprised I was. But I was not complaining (winks**)

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