Understanding Jobs Available For Financial Graduates

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Aug 17


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Those pursuing financial degrees can have a range of job opportunities within trading to choose from. A trading job would usually involve buying and selling of financial instruments with the aim to make a profit. Some examples of such financial instruments areshares of those companies that are listed, financial bonds issued by the government or other organizations, etc.

A trading job is an exciting one but it can also be very demanding. It could help you earn substantially well if you are a successful trader.

What are buy-side and sell-side trading jobs?

As the names suggest, the buy side of the business is involved in buying financial instruments and the sell side is interested in selling them.

  1. The buy side:

Many financial organizations buy plenty of financial instruments with the intention of money management. Some examples of such organizations are commercial banks, insurance companies, mutual fund companies, etc.

A buy side analyst’s aim is to invest in financial instruments, which resonate with the expectations of their customers. A buy side analyst may prepare a research report that can help the particular organization it was created for. This report is usually not published.

  1. The sell side:

The sell side of trading involves working with asset management companies, hedge fund companies, investment banking, etc.

The role of a sell side analyst is to sell research to the investors and clients. A sell side analyst usually prepares an equity research report. This report would tell whether one should buy, hold or sell the financial instrument.

Getting a trading job:

One of the most basic requirements to get a trading job is to graduate from a well-known school or university. Though most traders would have graduate degrees, some of them may also have advanced financial degrees. One may even require appearing for certain exams in order to obtain the license for becoming a stock trader.

The ideal way to begin would be to intern with a commercial bank to learn the basics of trading. Most traders start at junior organizational positions and then work their way up to becoming an experienced or senior trader. Some successful traders may even eventually start their own trading companies.


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Whichever job one may be interested in, the important point to remember is to work hard and not get tempted to take the easy way out.

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